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I recieved  gifts from friend on today.

Her name is HAL and she live in Japan,too.Her blog is here


I saw this hat in her blog at the end of last year. It was a thing that she had made for her children. And, she said that she would make it for the Ami. I thought that I was a hat only of the Ami. However, it was making it for that Yuna’s cap when it reached and package was opened.

She made were knit caps and  mini-bag for me and my daughters!!

I think that she like sewing and nice work!!


 In Japan,be  fashionable a skull mark at the girls.

Ami likes it,too!So she pleased!!!


Head top part is pretty,too!



And mini-bag for me!!

All fabrics are so cute!!!


Two cloths are used in the bag. It is a bag that also a lot of sticking the cloth together and is absorbed.


Immediately, they began to play sticking one’s cap on one’s head in the house.

(Ami and Yuna)


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