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For White Day

In Japan, there is a funny custom, which is called “White Day.” It’s March 14th.
On that day, men who got presents from women on St. Valentine’s Day give something in return to those women. At first, it was said the present should be white marshmallow. That is why it’s called “White” Day.
St. Valentine’s Day in Japan is a special day when women give “chocolate” to men. Originally, women only gave chocolate to men whom they have secretly loved. This is “declaration of love” and White Day presents are the answers from men.
Of course, this is rather different from the customs in other countries.
Actually, chocolate-giving custom on Valentine’s Day was “invented” by one chocolate company as one of their marketing campaigns.
But I don’t know whether or not White Day was sales promotion of any marshmallow company.
Japanese are kind of susceptible people after all, I suppose. Or, are we just shy?


But!I can’t make marshmallow!!

Today,I baked cookies and flyed doughnuts!




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