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Tilda Rose



Mt first challenge at Tilda Rose!

I husten to maked mini-rose.

The leaf seems to be small. I pulled the string too much. Waoh!

It might be lovely  if some are arranged.Let’s next time challenge a big rose.



It is rain today. Japan is a season of the rainy season now.

There was big earthquake damage in Japan the other day. When a lot of rain will fall in the future, life of people in the region is difficult.

The change seems to have occurred to the weather in the world.

I hope people in all parts of the world can live peacefully. I think that
everybody also thinks so.

I think that I look up into the sky. Everyone sees this sky. Everyone is


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I amde Pique-aiguilles. I refer to Véronique  tutorial.

Her blog is very great. You can see ,her made Tilda dolls, another brilliant piece of work!!!



Satisfactory make!?

I chiefly finished up pink. To increase loveliness, I put up lace to trim.



Practiced ribbon emeberoidery.Colorful buttons on the side.

A red thread  is DMC304.

This is good at the hanging. I placed tape of the floral print.



I was made to stand from Tilda cat. The foot besides the desire is long??

Height  is 29cm.


I will make a bear beacause pink clothes are left over.

Véronique  also is making the bear.Sooooo  lovely!!!



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Tilda Cat



I challenged the cat of Tilda.

This had been bought with kit before I bought the books.

The position of eyes and noses is difficult.

They become quite different expressions if  they shift even

a little.



It sees it like the dog. It looks like the bear. Oh~~~!

But this is CAT!


I applied stitch and beads to the skirt of dress.


With terrier


The button was not put up to the root of the arm in how to make. However, there was a button in kit, and I applied it for the fixation of the arm. The button has placed to the foot and it is possible to move it.

I don’t know whether the button of the arm put up  or should not put up the button.

I want to try another dolls!!


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Tilda Books


I bought two books of Tilda by amazon Japan.

“Sew Oretty Home style”

“Crafting Springtime Gifts”

This book is being written in English. And, I understand because I illustrate something with a figure. A very lovely way of making and  pattern are full loadings.



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