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All finished this SAL.




I stitched the title of this SAL .

I have to buy frame for SAL!!

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Finished “Dècembre”

At last I was finished entirely from January to December. However, I do not do a stitch of the frame of all designs. If it is over, I will take a whole photo and update!

My children’s Christmas Socks!!

Children wait for Santa for pleasure!!!

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Finished “Novembre”.
This month design is so lovely,too!
And it was easy. It is after not being mixed by the color of thread. Therefore, it was finished early. This SAL also already finishes by the end of next month. Although it is glad that this is finished, I think that I am lonely.
Is it a Christmas design next month?

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SAL maisons de campagne
I finished “Octobre”.
I changed thread’s color of pumpkin.I had not apporinted color.

This is whole photo.

This SAL finish in a two month.

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SAL maisons de campagne*Octobre
I started this SAL. Half is going to already go too far in October.
For one month, one month passes very early.

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SAL des maisons de campagne
I finished this month “Septmbre”
This month design is grape.I love this SAL and this SAL in particular ,I can stich very happily !!

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SAL maisons de campagne
I finished “Avril”

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