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I amde Pique-aiguilles. I refer to Véronique  tutorial.

Her blog is very great. You can see ,her made Tilda dolls, another brilliant piece of work!!!



Satisfactory make!?

I chiefly finished up pink. To increase loveliness, I put up lace to trim.



Practiced ribbon emeberoidery.Colorful buttons on the side.

A red thread  is DMC304.

This is good at the hanging. I placed tape of the floral print.



I was made to stand from Tilda cat. The foot besides the desire is long??

Height  is 29cm.


I will make a bear beacause pink clothes are left over.

Véronique  also is making the bear.Sooooo  lovely!!!




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Ribbon Embroidery

sw006I found ribbon embroidery at Florence’s blog of my friends.

She taught me how to make.I challenged make it!!


First of all, the sign is applied to the place where it wants to grow the rose.

And the ribbon is put out near the center. One sign flies and the ribbon is passed.

Rrepetition, repetition….


Do you see the rose?


I practiced leafing side to the rose.


I was very happy while being making this. (I completed or there was uneasiness,
too. ) I’m glad to complete. There is a sense of existence.

A new challenge is interesting.

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