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I finished Part9. Part 9 is last part in this SAL.

It finally ended.


I have not prepared frame for this SAL yet. I think that it prepares and frame is
suitable of antique.

I stitched initialing to two enclosure parts. After that, I changed the color of the alphabet in the Part1 part into a thick thread.



This SAL was very happy really and my stitch has advanced early .

I think that I could to participate in wonderful SAL. I wish to express my gratitude for Nancy to teach me the existence of this SAL and  Carla that made this SAL!!!


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This is “Part8″ of Old Sampler SAL.


This SAL will end next month.

It is regrettable because I am stitching this very happily.




” Golden Week ” is a Japanglish word. At first, the owners of film theaters started using this word after the National Holidays Law was brought into effect in 1948. The numbers of people who went to see the movies was increasing during the week, so the owner started calling
the week ” Golden week”, which meant ” supremely wonderful week.” Sincethen, this word has been popular.
 Golden week is a long holiday week which starts on April 29, ” Green Day”, and ends on May 5, ” Children’s Day.” During Golden Week, Green Day, Constitution Day ( May 3), and Children’s Day are national holdays.
 Once holidays were studded during this week, so Golden Week was also called ” Tobi-ishi Renkyu “, which means “stepping-stone holidays”. But recently this expression hasn’t been used.
 Golden Week is an ideal tourist’s season, so many people travel abroad or around Japan.

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I finished “Part7” of Old Sampler SAL.

This part is tree and bunny,flowers.

I think that I’m verry happy and fun when stitching on this SAL.


Lately,I’m very busy….beacuse I was appointed for children.

One,an accountant of my son’s soccer team ,others a vice-president of children meeting.I taken over business this month.

I will busily from next month!But I take pleasure their work.The children are great pleasure!I can contact with the children.Soooo HAPPY!!

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This is “Part6″ of Old Sampler SAL.

Alphabet of  “Z” from “U” and lady and angel.


I really think that it is a beautiful design.

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Old Sampler SAL "Part5"


This is “Part5″ of Old Sampler SAL.


The stitched part of part5 was a little. Therefore, I was able to end early.

I’m thinking what I put in the alphabet in the enclosure part.

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Old Sampler SAL “Part4”



This is “Part4″ of Old Sampler SAL.

I can’t wait next month!!

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This is “Part3” of Old Sampler SAL.

“Part4” this month has already been announced.



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