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Kobe-Sanda Premium Outlets

It was the anniversary of the establishment of the elementary school. Children
take a rest.

We were in the direction of  USJ(Universal studio Japan) of Osaka. However, because it had rained, it discontinued it. We changd the destination.

We went to Kobe Sanda Premium Outlets .(Click on English site)






Our purpose is sports brand. Especially, addidas, PUMA, lecoq… etc.

However, there was no shop of PUMA and lecoq.

Shoes of son’s soccoer and the towel for the swim were bought.I found the thing wanting it a lot of the other. However,we endured it because the budget was


There was a place where the child was able to play near there.

This is a bus.The bus begins to shake when 100 yen is put. Horn can be sounded, and wiper moves.

Yuna and Ami


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We were winner!




Yesterday,we had softball game at ground of elementary school.

It was district (region) opposition where it lived. It was a rule to put three women in team.

I became a pitcher and my husband  became third base.

We were three games in all and won the championship.

I had forgotten to take the camera. One person in member took the photo.

I will uproad on my blog when if the photograph is completed.



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Happay Mother’s DAY



May 11 was Mother’s Day. We were not able to go to mother’s house. And, it went to my mother’s house on the 24th though it slowed. And, it went out to eat supper. Mother lives alone. From my house to the place of about 20 minutes by car. Father died 12 years ago.

She is very interested in the art. Painting, play, classics, and chanson.She is learning the chanson now. Of course, she cannot talk about French. However, she is practicing desperately. As for me, she thinks study to be ardent. I am different^^#   I respect her.


When returning, she gave me the rose. Always thank you!!



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Good friend!


Very nice shot,isn’t it?


Happy spring and happy stitching,have a good weekend!


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For White Day

In Japan, there is a funny custom, which is called “White Day.” It’s March 14th.
On that day, men who got presents from women on St. Valentine’s Day give something in return to those women. At first, it was said the present should be white marshmallow. That is why it’s called “White” Day.
St. Valentine’s Day in Japan is a special day when women give “chocolate” to men. Originally, women only gave chocolate to men whom they have secretly loved. This is “declaration of love” and White Day presents are the answers from men.
Of course, this is rather different from the customs in other countries.
Actually, chocolate-giving custom on Valentine’s Day was “invented” by one chocolate company as one of their marketing campaigns.
But I don’t know whether or not White Day was sales promotion of any marshmallow company.
Japanese are kind of susceptible people after all, I suppose. Or, are we just shy?


But!I can’t make marshmallow!!

Today,I baked cookies and flyed doughnuts!



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Happay Birthday



Today is my husband’s(Mototsugu)  birthday!

He said  “I want to small coins purse.”

Ummm…fastidious in him’s taste.

I intend to go to shopping together at weekend.

Todays present a this chocolate cake only….



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Chiffon Cake



I baked Pumpkin Chiffon Cake.


with cream:-)

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