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Let’s introduce the excahnge and gifts

from Nancy.


Red wrapping and ribbon that attracts attention.





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We got acquainted through the blog. Her name is Nancy.

And, we mutually exchanged the email, and decided the exchange .

We mutually received it by chance on the same day!!

First of all, it introduces what I exchange for her.



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2007 Christmas Exchange
I sent 18th December this package.But she recieved 1th January,2008!
I was not in time though I had sent out to reach her at Christmas.
I felt sorry to make her wait.
Dear my friend,Debby

Japanese Ne Year’s Decoration and Christmas ornaments.
Blue Ribbon Design

A christmas wish of health and happiness
Christmas color rick rack and Mill Hill beads

Mini heart ornament
Front is her name, back is my name.

Christmas card
This design is “KYOTO ” in Japan.
Beautiful card and I like it!
Christmas fabrics.

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Christmas Exchange

I recieved Christmas Exchage from Debby on Today!!!
I’m exciting and open her package!

Wow!!!!So lovely Snowman!!!!
This design is “All Is Calm 2007 Snowman Ornament” of Homespun Elegance pattern.
And she used with Gentle Arts Sampler threads and Weeks Dye Works hand dyed threads and vintage linen.Her stitch is perfect !!!!
Back fabric is cute,too!I like red check fabric.
And White trim is so great! and lovely!!!
Please look at lovely Snowman’s face!!and mini star!
These are presents from her husband “Jerry” to me and my husband.
Chopsticks(Japanese “HASHI”) and Chopsricks stand ,toothpicks.

Him wood making is so great!Wonderful!Beautiful!!
We are very supprised!!
I think that it is very delicate work.

Jerry has HP and sells chopsticks.
Please visit him HP “The WoodWizard

Thanks soooooooooo much Jerry and my friend Debby!!

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