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Splendid Meeting




29th on July,I met Helene.

I got to know her through blog. We got acquainted and presented the book each other. It is May and June this year. She is French. She can speak Japanese!!

Her husband is Japanese. They came to Japan. And, we promised by telephone and met. My parents’ family and her husband’s house were very near. Surprise!!

We went to the nearby handicraft shop. I worried about whether she liked there because the shop was small. However, she was very pleased. And, she was buying some kits.

We went out of the shop and went to cafe. The cafe makes a Japanese house a shop as it is. It is a shop where atmosphere is very good.

I was very surprised because she can speak Japanese was skilled . We and told various stories cross stitch , the child, the family, doll, and work. It apologized that I had not had the room at time.

I want to meet again with her!




I got the souvenir from France. Cookies and Candle.

Candle is a vanilla with a very good smell.


Merci beaucoup!Voyons encore.


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