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New progress


I started “Always and Forever” of Little House Needlworks.

Fabric::32ct Cafe Mocha hand dyed linen

Thread::Atalie Framboise


We have been married 12 years.It wedding anniversary is 16th on June.

I will make this in commemoration of 12 years.


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Tilda Rose



Mt first challenge at Tilda Rose!

I husten to maked mini-rose.

The leaf seems to be small. I pulled the string too much. Waoh!

It might be lovely  if some are arranged.Let’s next time challenge a big rose.



It is rain today. Japan is a season of the rainy season now.

There was big earthquake damage in Japan the other day. When a lot of rain will fall in the future, life of people in the region is difficult.

The change seems to have occurred to the weather in the world.

I hope people in all parts of the world can live peacefully. I think that
everybody also thinks so.

I think that I look up into the sky. Everyone sees this sky. Everyone is

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I love bread!!



Today,I baked bread.

Left:::No ferment bread(first try)

with blueberry jam

Right:::Fried bread

with mixed are parched bean flour(Japanse KINAKO),sugar,salt


Both were sweet!!(dainty)I love bread!

I always buy it when I go to the shopping.Fresh baked bread is BEST!

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Japanese magazines to Helene



    I received the book from Helene the other day.

    I sent the Japanese magazines to her at the gratitude.

    Both are handicraft magazines.




handmade ZAKKA

Can you see fabic of duck? It is kit of key case.

The description is Japanese. It’s OK! She can understand Japanese!!!




And …

I’m an engrossed this sweets!!

Rusk of maple sugar!

I like maple!

Ummm! Délicieux!!




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  • Choisir 5 blogs qui selon vous méritent ce prix par leur créativité (de la conception, du matériel, intéressant etc) et contribuent également à la communauté des bloggers, quelle que soit la langue
  • chaque prix doit contenir le nom de l’auteur et un lien vers son blog qui pourra être visité par tous
  • chaque lauréat doit montrer son prix et remettre le nom et le lien de la personne qui lui a octroyé le prix.
  • Le lauréat et celui qui a octroyé le prix doit montrer le lien de l’ARTE Y PICO, en
  • l’occurrence   


    choisis 5 blogs


    piketkol , *Tara sweet Tara* , petites croix et C° , Mon petit coin aux 1000 loisirs ,

    Les petits points de Fée Nicia sur la toile

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    Finished June of Bent Creek SAL.

    This month’s design is brown bace.

    Is this bag for trip?NewYork,London,Roma….

    I like trip,too!

    We are doing only a domestic travel now because we still have the child of three years. When she grows a little more, I want to travel overseas!!

    I often went on a trip with the friend when I was a university student.

    I have been to U.S.A.(Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas,Hawaii),Canada.

    I think that an overseas culture and naturally touching are a very wonderful

    Please come to Japan.




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    Digital Scrapbooking



    Digital Scrapbooking


    Inspired Design


    Wow!wow!Digital Sc is very interesrting!!

    This photo is YUNA of my dauther.She is 3years old.


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    Lovely bears

    I made two bears.I consulted the “L’Atelier de framboise Chocolat” blog.

    I visit to her blog always.She works are so lovely!!



    My first challenge::::degital scrap





    Eyes and noses were written with a black marker.

    I think that it finishes more lovelily if it makes it to the embroidery thread.


    Put house ornament in heart.


    What is this say??round circle??


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    I amde Pique-aiguilles. I refer to Véronique  tutorial.

    Her blog is very great. You can see ,her made Tilda dolls, another brilliant piece of work!!!



    Satisfactory make!?

    I chiefly finished up pink. To increase loveliness, I put up lace to trim.



    Practiced ribbon emeberoidery.Colorful buttons on the side.

    A red thread  is DMC304.

    This is good at the hanging. I placed tape of the floral print.



    I was made to stand from Tilda cat. The foot besides the desire is long??

    Height  is 29cm.


    I will make a bear beacause pink clothes are left over.

    Véronique  also is making the bear.Sooooo  lovely!!!



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    Ribbon Embroidery

    sw006I found ribbon embroidery at Florence’s blog of my friends.

    She taught me how to make.I challenged make it!!


    First of all, the sign is applied to the place where it wants to grow the rose.

    And the ribbon is put out near the center. One sign flies and the ribbon is passed.

    Rrepetition, repetition….


    Do you see the rose?


    I practiced leafing side to the rose.


    I was very happy while being making this. (I completed or there was uneasiness,
    too. ) I’m glad to complete. There is a sense of existence.

    A new challenge is interesting.

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