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Special gifts from Helene



I recieved specisl gifts once more!From Helene in France.

I’m visiting to her blog and I like her sense.

I was surprised! She has lived in Japan. And, she can speak Japanese!!!

I found interesting book in her blog.She ordered it book for me and her sent to me.



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I recieved special gifts for my birthday from Marie-Claire in Belgium.




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I finished part three=”Tart”.



And then,I bought Needle Minder of Kelmscott Designs.Both are beautiful!

I will make the most of it!


Today,I looked last part of Old Sampler SAL and down road it.

I’m  begin it!!!

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Japanese sewing book


CHECK & STRIPE“布屋のてづくり案内

The linen cloth and the knit cloth are very abundant. The paper pattern is selling.
However, the price is raised a little. It is a shop very popular among the person who does handmade. There are web shop and a real shop. It is in Tokyo and Kobe.



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Kuta-Kuta bull terrier




I made a terrier.

This is kit of HAMANAKA cld. “Kuta-Kuta” mean …flop,soft,hang loose.

Organic cloth and organic cotton are used. There is cotton only in the part of the head, and the body has the pellet. Agreeable to the touch!



24th and 25th were rain. I was able to spend it very slowly because there were neither a game and a practice of son’s soccer . LUCKY!

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Happay Mother’s DAY



May 11 was Mother’s Day. We were not able to go to mother’s house. And, it went to my mother’s house on the 24th though it slowed. And, it went out to eat supper. Mother lives alone. From my house to the place of about 20 minutes by car. Father died 12 years ago.

She is very interested in the art. Painting, play, classics, and chanson.She is learning the chanson now. Of course, she cannot talk about French. However, she is practicing desperately. As for me, she thinks study to be ardent. I am different^^#   I respect her.


When returning, she gave me the rose. Always thank you!!



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Mini dolls

                           i3-14 I  want to make the doll after a long time.

      I made mini dolls. Their names are Mint(blue) and Berry(pink).

      This is doll kits and I bought at Japanese web site.




Height=11cm~~very lovely size!!



And …

I am interesting in “Tilda doll” recently. Do you know?I don’t know the doll in detail. I’m checking some blogs. You can see Tilda doll.The book is put on the market. However, they seem to be being written in French and German. Perhaps, I think that the how to make is understood if I see the photograph.

I bought Tilda doll kits at web shopping site in Belgium at once.I’m looking foward arrive it to me.I will uproad photos if I make it!!

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