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I finished “Part7” of Old Sampler SAL.

This part is tree and bunny,flowers.

I think that I’m verry happy and fun when stitching on this SAL.


Lately,I’m very busy….beacuse I was appointed for children.

One,an accountant of my son’s soccer team ,others a vice-president of children meeting.I taken over business this month.

I will busily from next month!But I take pleasure their work.The children are great pleasure!I can contact with the children.Soooo HAPPY!!


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Beautiful gifts!! from Doris


Today,I recieaved beautiful gifts from Doris!!

I’m so deeply!!


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Hehehehe~~I bought a new stash again!

It is “SEACRET SANTA” of Lavender Lace.



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I bought a new stash and threads.

The shop is “Baby Cinnamon” in Japan.

Fabric is I ‘m bought before and kept. (Hand-dyed 28ct Raspberry light Jobelan).


Lavendar Lace “CELTIC SUMMER”


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For White Day

In Japan, there is a funny custom, which is called “White Day.” It’s March 14th.
On that day, men who got presents from women on St. Valentine’s Day give something in return to those women. At first, it was said the present should be white marshmallow. That is why it’s called “White” Day.
St. Valentine’s Day in Japan is a special day when women give “chocolate” to men. Originally, women only gave chocolate to men whom they have secretly loved. This is “declaration of love” and White Day presents are the answers from men.
Of course, this is rather different from the customs in other countries.
Actually, chocolate-giving custom on Valentine’s Day was “invented” by one chocolate company as one of their marketing campaigns.
But I don’t know whether or not White Day was sales promotion of any marshmallow company.
Japanese are kind of susceptible people after all, I suppose. Or, are we just shy?


But!I can’t make marshmallow!!

Today,I baked cookies and flyed doughnuts!



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I made this amigurumi for daughters a few years ago. Cat and …dog? Bear?

Probably,I  think that it was a dog.

I saw cat’s design with web site. The dog saw  the book.




Web master is  “NEKOYAMA”  (Japanese)

How to make cat’s page1  page2(English)


This master is voluntarily selling the book.

Japanese 1050yen(almost $10.00USD)

The color of wool is changed or the expression of the face is changed and the
color cat is completed.

This size is 37cm.

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"Hello Kitty" goods


     Doris of my friend likes “Hello Kitty”.

     In Japan,famouse popular character.

     Kitty’s goods are sooooo many!!!

     Her request was a desk things.

     I chose these…pencils,an

                           eraser,rule,notebook,stickers,handkerchief,mouse pad.


I sent them out to Spain on March 5th.She received it on the 10th.

Very early arrival!!! 5days from Japan!!!

Christmas and another event season,It need a many times when I send to anyting(gift).


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