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     I joined another SAL.


I’m always visiting her blog. Then, it knew this new SAL. It was an announcement of the design of the 1st today.

I’m exciting!!
Her blog is being written in French and English. I read only English. However, I had the part that was not able to be understood.
It knows that my friend Joei also participated in this SAL, and she is helping fro me.

I choosed same color thread with Tempusfugit(Waterlilies Cherry) and fabric is DMC  Evenweave25ct (color 225 powder pink).


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 Today,I made a few pins.







“Tonbo-dama” beads and pearl beads



Swarovski beads


 I made these for pinkeep.

Yes,I’m  making a pinkeep now for my freind.


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Big Project


   I recieved new stash and threads from


   I bought a “Generation De Brodeuses”

   and silk  pack for it.








71 They are silk threads.

Ummmmm…expensive threads.

I will use 32ct linen fabric.

And 1 over 2.

Absolute!!I have to finish it!!











I am looking forward to the stamp of mail  from foreign countries .

When reaching from AMAP, a lovely stamp is always pasted as for them.

When I also send it to an overseas friend, a peculiar stamp to Japan is pasted.



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   Yesterday,I set up player in the blog.

    You hear it. They are japanese pops.

    I like their songs.

    “Love Love Love” is English version.

     Photo by mint blue


My favorite Japanese singer is “Masaharu Fukuyama”!!!

He becomes 39 years old in February.
He is good at the actor. His playing guitar is very good!! 

You can see him!!!

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 Bent Creek SAL



Finished in January.Lovely snowman!



 I was  failed. Body part of snowman. I was sideways stitching the start. It stitched to length on the way. Therefore,  not beautifu;;;;

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Bent Creek SAL


Today,I joined new SAL.

It SAL is Bent Creek SAL.

I choose 32ct Belfast Hand -dyed Linen and color is Kermit.


I looked for the cloth. It decided it to the first color this time because I used the same color always . I remember having bought this linen last year. However, the size of the fabric is not large. There is no room. 。。Therefore, I will can’t to  stitch the decoration of surroundings.

The color of an actual fabric is from a photo to brighter green.

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Old Sampler SAL “Part4”



This is “Part4″ of Old Sampler SAL.

I can’t wait next month!!

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