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Cross stitch Shop

I went to cross stitch shop “Baby Cinnamon” with my friend.

Many ,many charts and threads,fabrics,books…..!!!!
I looked at many designs. All the things I see became wanting. However, as for the bought design, only one chart. It also had fabric and thread made a set. And it is much thread required for the design which I already have….

I bought chart is …..


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Soft Balley-ball

It participated in the convention of soft balley-ball on November 23. As for member, my close friend husband and wife have gathered. It had gathered by play at first. (It is once for a week. )However, since he thought that it was not interesting only by practice, and it was disclosed and the experienced person of was also, it appeared in the convention for the first time this time. a result — a quarterfinal — having lost . I think that it had very good experience although much mistake was also made. It is due to participate also in the convention in February, next year next time. I want to become more skillful!!!!!

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Old Sanpler SAL

I finished “part2” of old sampler SAL.
The alphabet portion has not been stitched yet.
I am straying…puts in an initial or name of an era.
It caught up now!!

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Birthday gift

I sent birthday gift for Anita.
I was in sending it fairly.She was very glad and I felt easy.Happy!!!!
Gifts are Purple linen pouch,Japanese “kimono” fabic,stash(Just Nan Autumn spell and the Whimzi frame) .
I like her stitch. The very wonderful work is full of her blog. As for me, it is very pleasant to see her blog. She is very kind above all. She understands my poor English. Probably, it will be very wonderful~~~~!!!Many thanks,Anita!

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Old Sampler SAL

I finished “part1” only.
Yuna and my husband were fell mumps at last week.
And my husband rest from his work from Monday.
They are no have a fever and be in good spirits.
But…I have not PC’s time….

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Yuna’s pants.
Ami’s pants and skirt.

Ami likes this cloth(knit).

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I think that I will begin new SAL. I got to know this SAL by the blog of Nancy.
Zweigart 32ct Belfast Linen Antique Ivory
DMC 3787-3023
I dyed this cloth by coffee. Although I wanted to carry out unevenness dyeing more, I was not able to do it. Regrettable!!!

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