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Dolman sleeve cut-sew.

This is for myself.This pattern is little parts, and completed immediately. Because it is easy and does not take time, I’m this pattern loving.

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I made a pants for Yuna.It is cloth same as knit of traner.

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I made triner for dauthers.

Attached a frill to the front section.

Put a tag in the side.

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“Child Festival” is held this week in an elementary school on Saturday.

Ami appears for “Bily’s Bootcamp” and a “chorus”. All of they were directed to wear a black T-shirts.Ami do not have a black T-shirts…Wow!!
I made a black T-shirts for Ami.

I attached the applique of the crown to the chest. The applique is made with spangre and beads. I sewed the circumference attached by hand it,because the adhesion was weak. It shiningly and beautiful!!

I put a string through both sides. This is a request of the Ami.

We looking foward on Saturday!!

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I made a trainer for Yuna(my daughter).
Pattern and cloth :RickRack
This shop is Japanese web shop.I like this shop!!
A lot of my favorite cloth and paper patterns sells this shop. It is popular in Japan.

I bought this tag at “BLUE DROPS+PEPITA“.
This site Japanese web shop,too.

I plated Yuna today. Clothes are slightly bigger, but I think that become her

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Balloon Sleeve Jacket
Both are Japanese web shop.
Front view
Fabric name is “Milkey wool “.
The warm feel of a material such as the knit puts a different thread of the thickness together and expresses it.The stretch works moderately, and it is the material which it is easy to use.
It is good-quality cloth.
Back view

I try-on Jacket.

It is a jacket of trendy short length this year. As for me, height is 171cm. Therefore I wore it just a little and increased length. I was not able to sew tuck well because it was wool cloth.


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Japanese Autumn festival(Matsuri)
21th October was Autumn Festival of my husband village.

A large crowed turned out at the village festival.

They were making merry in a festivl mood.

Ami and Yuna and her’s friends.

There are countless local festivals (matsuri) in Japan because almost every shrine celebrates its own one. Most festivals are held annually and celebrate the shrine’s deity or a seasonal or historical event. Some festival are held over several days.

An important element of Japanese festivals are processions, in which the local shrine’s kami (Shinto deity) is carried through the town in mikoshi (palanquins). It is the only time of the year when the kami leaves the shrine to be carried around town.
Many festivals also feature decorated floats (dashi), which are pulled through the town, accompanied by drum and flute music by the people sitting on the floats. Every festival has its own characteristics. While some festivals are calm and meditative, most tend to be energetic and noisy.

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