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My family went to a trip at Fukui in Japn.
(23 and 24 July)
We bought 2days passport.
There are plesure ground and pool.

My husband drove the coming and going car. We watch news of the accident of the car with television and a newspaper recently. I was anxious. All were relieved to be able to return safely. We were very happy for two days. we played a lot.


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I orderd AMAP.
And I recieved there.

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Ami and Yuna has produced small pool from this morning and begun to playing.
The neighboring children increased, too.

They began something. They take out a thing in the bucket.

It is very hot today.too.


They are sooooooooo~~ look happy!!!

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SAL maisons de campagne
Finished “Janvier”
Snow man is so cu~~te!
My chirdren started summer vacation!
I don’t have a stiching time…;;
And it is hot today ( sultry ) in JAPAN!!

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SAL maisons de campagne
Finished “Fevrier”
Cute winter design!
Next…”janvier” or “Mars”.

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Scissor case
I put a kilt core between front fablic and back fablic.
However, it was difficult cloth thickened, and to seam it together.

I followed a button of a dog.

It is a dog of a very cute face.

And I catch ribbon on a button and grow.

The back fablic used a feedsack.

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Free Chart:Pochette à ciseaux
It’s a finished.
It is rainy today,too.
A typhoon comes over in Japan.
In Okinawa, Kyushu area a heavy rain is expected.
The forecast of the heavy rain leaves Kinki area where I live in on the weekend.

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